Bernese Mountain Dog Information and Care

Bernese mountain dogs are smart, hardworking, and loyal dogs who love to spend time with their human family. Learn more about living with Bernese mountain dogs.

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large dog breed, one of the four breeds of Sennenhund-type dogs from the Swiss Alps. These dogs have roots in the Roman mastiffs. The name Sennenhund is derived from the German Senne and Hund, as they accompanied the alpine herders and dairymen called Senn.

Bernese Mountain Dog

height23-27.5 inches
weight70-115 pounds
life span7-10 years
breed sizelarge (61-100 lbs.)
good withchildren seniors dogs cats families
temperamentgentle friendly playful aloof
shedding amountfrequent
exercise needsmedium
energy levelcalm
barking levelwhen necessary
drool amountmedium
breed groupworking
coat length/texturelong
colorsblack brown / chocolate / liver white
other traitseasy to train requires lots of grooming prone to health issues cold weather tolerant good for first-time pet owners strong loyalty tendencies good hiking companion

Bernese mountain canines, known as “Berners” to their fans, are darling for their sweet, quiet, accommodating nature and their commitment to their families, including little youngsters. Huge and solid Berners, which generally assisted with cultivating obligations in Switzerland, can pull trucks and go about as watchman canines. At the point when they’re not working or playing, these brilliant, steadfast canines are most joyful at their proprietor’s side, any place that might be.


Bernese mountain canines are large they weigh between 70115 pounds and can be 2327.5 inches tall at the shoulder and have an inviting soul and expressive dull earthy colored eyes. Bernese mountain canine pups even look like extravagant canine toys. These durable canines are tricolored, with a thick dark coat and unmistakable white and rust markings on the face. The reasonably long and satiny coat can be straight or marginally wavy.

“Bernese mountain canines are so sweet-looking,” Jami-Lyn Deese, DVM, organizer of Veterinary Housecall Care in Chicago, says. “As far as I might be concerned, they generally seem as though they’re grinning. I feel that is a result of the cover they have on their appearances.”


The Bernese mountain canine’s teachability and excitement to please have enchanted proprietors since the canine’s soonest days on Swiss ranches. “It’s one of my unequaled most loved varieties,” Deese says. “They’re shrewd, they’re fast students, and they’re particularly devoted canines.”

Deese, who says the Bernese mountain canine is becoming more well known in the United States, depicts them as “low-energy” and says that they appreciate a lot of personal time with their kin, regardless of whether it’s playing in the yard or lazing on the sofa. They don’t prefer to be distant from everyone else. The Bernese mountain canine shows restraint, quietness, being friendly, and is an incredible pet for families, however, they can be to some degree standoffish with outsiders. In the event that appropriately mingled when youthful, Berners coexist well with felines and different canines.

Bernese mountain canines have since quite a while ago went about as watchmen for domesticated animals and, thinking about their huge size and scaring bark, make great guard dogs. Nonetheless, with their adoring and delicate nature, proprietors shouldn’t anticipate a lot of genuine danger behind the bark.

Living Needs

Due to their thick covers, Berners are most appropriate for colder environments. “They love the colder time of year,” Deese says. “I have gone to customers’ homes in a snowstorm and their Bernese mountain canines will lay in the snow, similarly as cheerful as anyone might imagine. They would rather not go in the house.”

Bernese mountain canines appreciate having space to investigate, so a fenced-in yard is suggested, Deese says, and standard strolls are significant. The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America suggests somewhere around a half-hour of energetic strolling or running each day. This canine makes a magnificent ally for open-air exercises, such as climbing and setting up camp, and can even draw goofs off in trucks. Bernese mountain canines additionally well in exercises like following, dexterity, and grouping.


“In case you will get a Bernese mountain canine doggy, get a Roomba, as well,” Deese says. “Since they shed like there’s no tomorrow. Anticipate a great deal of preparing. What’s more, a ton of vacuuming.” A Berner’s plush twofold layer coat will require brushing every two or three days and full prepping each four to about two months.

Preparing and socialization should begin early and ought to stress positive conduct rather than brutal amendments. Berners are delicate and like to satisfy their proprietors, so they will more often than not react well to encouraging feedback. Simply don’t let a Berner be for a really long time, or they might track down inconvenience.

Your Bernese mountain canine ought to eat canine food produced using excellent fixings. Observing food and exercise is a significant piece of care, as Berners can eat a great deal. A visit to your vet can assist you with deciding how a lot and how regularly to take care of your canine.


There are various conditions that could affect the strength of a Bernese mountain canine, Deese says, including malignant growth. “They get a lot of kinds of diseases, specifically, and they don’t have as long of a life expectancy hence,” Deese says. The Bernese mountain canine life expectancy is for the most part 710 years.

Bernese mountain canines are additionally inclined to a couple of conditions normally connected with enormous canines, like elbow and hip dysplasia, blood issues, and eye conditions. Proprietors additionally should be careful about gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV) complex, or bulge, which is a stomach condition that happens when air amasses in the stomach, making it wind. Bulge can be dangerous and requires crisis medical procedures. There are a few stages proprietors can take that might reduce the danger of bulge, as indicated by VCA Hospitals, for example, taking care of the canine more modest, more incessant dinners during the day.

Proprietors should converse with their veterinarian about the chances for these conditions and how they can lessen them.


The Bernese mountain canine initially came from Bern, Switzerland, where they chipped away at ranches driving dairy cattle, pulling trucks, and monitoring fields and homesteads on mountains and in valleys. The variety is one of four antiquated Swiss varieties, known as Sennenhund breeds, and was brought there, it’s accepted, by the Romans. The Bernese mountain dog then and now has a standing for strength, smarts, and friendship.

As cultivating and farming modernized, interest for this sort of canine diminished and the populace declined. Be that as it may, fans for the variety reacted and drove a purposeful work to reinforce the variety’s numbers. A regarded European canine darling named Professor Albert Heim considered the Bernese mountain canine and shaped a rearing club in 1907 to advocate the brilliant, delicate canine, and the puppies got back to lean toward on ranches just as with families.

The canines grabbed the eye of a Kansas rancher in 1926, who imported a pair to help around his property. Different ranchers observed, thus did the American Kennel Club, which enlisted the variety in 1937.

Is a Bernese mountain dog a good family dog?

The Bernese Mountain Dog: Family Dog and Affectionate Companion. Bernese Mountain Dogs are amazingly warm and easy-going, frequently accepted to be one of the most un-forceful canines toward people. Their sweet attitudes, quiet qualities, and readiness to play make them an incredible ally for kids.

Are Bernese mountain dogs lazy?

Bernese Mountain Dogs might be huge, however, they’re as yet languid.
Be that as it may, they do require standard exercise to remain trim and solid since Berners will more often than not get overweight since they are so enormous thus languid, said

Is a Bernese mountain dog a good first dog?

The appropriate response is that assuming the variety is to be sure a solid match for your way of life, then, at that point, indeed, it is on par with any as a first canine. In any case which breeds you get do abundant exploration in advance on molding, preparing, taking care of, and working out (intellectually and genuinely) your new pet.

Do Bernese mountain dogs have a favorite person?

Berners are likewise entirely agreeable as a variety, yet not really with different canines. The Bernese Mountain Dog will regularly pick a most loved individual, and afterward, they will need to get day-by-day consideration from that person.

Why does Berners lean?

While not attribute explicit and not a norm, the Bernese Mountain canine is known to incline toward those he cherishes and surprisingly in some cases on somebody he has quite recently met. In certain varieties, this can be an indication of his communicating his strength, however, it isn’t normal for Berner to attempt to rule.

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