Best Welsh Springer Spaniel Breed Information

Welsh springer spaniels breed is highly affectionate and intelligent dogs with rich red and white coats. Learn more about living with this happy family dog.

The Welsh Springer Spaniel is a breed of dog and a member of the spaniel family. Thought to be comparable to the old Land Spaniel, they are similar to the English Springer Spaniel and historically have been referred to as both the Welsh Spaniel and the Welsh Cocker Spaniel.

Welsh Springer Spaniel Breed
Welsh Springer Spaniel

Welsh Springer Spaniel Breed Information

height17–19 inches
weight35–55 pounds
life span12–15 years
breed sizemedium (26-60 lbs.)
good withfamilies children dogs cats seniors
temperamentgentle playful aloof
shedding amountnormal
exercise needshigh
energy levelactive
barking levelwhen necessary
drool amountlow
breed groupsporting
coat length/texturemedium
colorsred white

Once reproduced to be flexible hunting canines in Great Britain, Welsh springer spaniels are currently making themselves comfortable as versatile, steadfast buddy creatures across the U.S.

These shocking red-and-white-covered canines are unbelievably tender with their human relatives, particularly toward kids, which makes them an extraordinary fit for families of all shapes and sizes. They’re likewise exceptionally lively and have an up-for-anything disposition that makes them ideal running and climbing pals. These laid-back puppies are additionally extremely smart, which can make uplifting feedback preparing a breeze.


Welsh springer spaniels have a striking (and charming!) appearance, because of their particular coats. This variety just comes in a single tone combination and white but the tones come in heaps of various examples; the white spaces of their hide are likewise once in a while spotted with red, as well. Their weatherproof coat is ordinarily medium long, for the most part straight, and extremely delicate. The hide will in general quill out on the rear of their legs, on their chest, and across the underside of their body.

Flawless coat to the side, these medium-sized canines stand 1719 inches tall and weigh 3555 pounds. Guys will generally be marginally bigger than females.

Welshies have dull earthy-colored oval eyes that will generally have a delicate, adoring articulation. Their mid-length ears hang down the sides of their head and may likewise have padded hair on them. Welsh springer spaniels for the most part have dark or dim brown noses.


Welsh springer spaniels have acquired an adorable epithet throughout the long term: Velcro canine. This stems from their aggregate and unequivocal love of their human proprietors, as per the Welsh Springer Spaniel Club of America (WSSCA). They love just to pursue their proprietors around the entire day, filling in as their “shadow.”

“They are exceptionally given, adoring canines who won’t walk out on you,” says Laura Robinson, DVM, veterinary counselor for Paws.

Welshies are loving, carefree, and vivacious canines who are consistently prepared for an undertaking. Initially produced for hunting, these bird canines love to remain dynamic and utilize their first-class sniffers to investigate everywhere any place they are.

Welsh springer spaniels might be marginally held when meeting outsiders interestingly, so proprietors should take care to mingle them since early on and acclaim them during positive connections with new individuals.

Living Needs

These energetic, high-energy canines need bunches of ordinary exercise, regardless of whether that is strolling, climbing, running, swimming, playing with toys, or taking part in pup games. Some Welsh springer spaniels may cherish playing bring, as well.

Along these lines, Welsh springer spaniels are most joyful when they have a major, fenced-in lawn to frolic around inconsistently. In any case, with a pledge to everyday strolls and recess, they can likewise cheerfully live in lofts, townhouses, apartments, and another little space the measure of activity a proprietor can give is the key here. These canines likewise flourish in execution occasions and exercises like dexterity, compliance, rally, and following.

“However the Welsh springer spaniel can make a magnificent family pet, they do best with dynamic families who carry on with an open airway of life,” says Jen Jones, an expert canine coach and conduct expert who runs Your Dog Advisor. “They would not settle on an incredible decision for a bustling family or a more seasoned couple who have very little an ideal opportunity to spend on their preparation and exercise.”

They play well with different canines, especially when your Welsh springer spaniel little dog has been all around mingled, so they’re ideal for families who as of now have or plan to embrace different puppies later on.

These canines can coexist well with felines, particularly when they’re around kitties in puppyhood. That being said, this variety has a high prey drive on account of their set of experiences as trackers, so they’re not the best fit for families who keep other little warm-blooded animals as pets. What’s more, every individual canine is unique, so proprietors should take care while acquainting Welshies with new felines, as well.

One of the most eminent Welsh springer spaniel attributes is her tenderness with kids. These affectionate canines are extraordinarily loving toward offspring, all things considered, however, guardians ought to consistently direct associations between all canines and exceptionally little youngsters. Welsh springer spaniels cause an ideal expansion to develop to families and can give warm, adoring friendship to little ones (contingent upon the singular’s canine personality, obviously).

However they can endure being left alone, Welsh springer spaniels truly really like to be with their human partners however much as could reasonably be expected. They’re classified as “Velcro canines” for an explanation, all things considered!

“Families that need to take off from the house every now and again might need to think about asking a pet sitter, childcare, or family companion to offer friendship to their Welshie while away from home,” says Kim Archer, a canine mentor with Courteous Canine, Inc. in Florida.

Whenever they’re exhausted from working out, playing, preparing, or another type of incitement (like a riddle toy or game), Welshies are content to cuddle on the lounge chair or twist up on the floor to rest close your feet.

Since they are so anxious to satisfy their human proprietors, Welsh springer spaniels can be not difficult to prepare, particularly when they’re compensated with yummy treats, ear scratches, acclaim, or toys. This encouraging feedback helps them unmistakably and effectively comprehend the practices you need them to perform! Welsh springer spaniel pups likewise flourish in kindergarten instructional courses, as well.

Put yourself in a good position by continuing instructional courses short and locking in. For best outcomes, figure out what your canine considers to be a definitive rewarding the instance of a Welshie, it’s probably high-esteem treats, says Sarah Wooten, DVM, veterinary master for Pumpkin Pet Insurance.


Prepping a Welsh springer spaniel is a breeze, because of her low-support coat. Proprietors should brush their Welsh springer spaniel once every week to keep her hide gleaming and liberated from flotsam and jetsam and tangles (a metal brush or an extraordinary slicker brush can help work through any precarious spots). Ordinary brushing will assist with monitoring shedding, as well.

To keep Welsh springer spaniels looking (and smelling) their best, proprietors should give them a shower generally one time per month, however, the washing timetable might change contingent upon each canine’s neatness levels. Proprietors can likewise assist with advancing new breath and solid, silvery whites by cleaning their Welshie’s teeth every prior night bed and booking ordinary teeth cleanings by a veterinarian.

Since Welsh springer spaniels are so dynamic and love to invest energy outside in nature, clean their ears routinely to assist with keeping any soil and microbes from developing. Their nails additionally advantage from occasionally managing utilizing a processor or trimmers (a custodian can assist with this, as well!).


With a legitimate eating regimen, routine exercise, and standard visits to the veterinarian, these canines make incredible family allies for the long haul normal Welsh springer spaniel’s future reaches between 1215 years. These canines are for the most part sound and glad, however, some might be defenseless to specific medical problems.

Dependable Welsh springer spaniel reproducers perform hip and elbow assessments, eye assessments, and thyroid assessments to evaluate for conditions, for example, elbow dysplasia and hip dysplasia, eye infections, and immune system thyroiditis.

Welsh springer spaniels ought to get all of the veterinarian-suggested immunizations when they are doggies. Proprietors should stay up with the latest as the puppy ages, following the endorsed plan for every antibody.

A veterinarian can likewise assist with deciding the right sort and measure of nourishment for every individual Welsh springer spaniel, whose requirements will change contingent upon her size, movement level, and different variables. With customary exercise and legitimate nourishment, she ought to effectively remain at a solid weight.

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Welshies are one of Britain’s most seasoned canine varieties, purportedly tracing all the way back to 7000 BC. They were reproduced to take care of flush, or “spring,” creatures and birds so trackers could catch their game in a net or shoot it out of the air, as indicated by the WSSCA. The noteworthy sniffing force of their noses and their rough, semi-webbed feet additionally made them incredible hunting accomplices, regardless of whether on the ground or in water.

The United Kennel Club perceived the variety in 1902, trailed by the American Kennel Club in 1914.

Are Welsh Springer Spaniels good family dogs?

Welsh Springer Spaniels have an exceptionally tender side and make phenomenal family colleagues. They can even adjust to loft life; in any case, they do have high energy and should remain dynamic to be content. They likewise don’t take well to remaining at home alone from morning ’til night.

What is the difference between a Welsh Springer Spaniel and an English springer spaniel?

The Welsh Springer is marginally more modest, and its rosy markings on a white foundation rather than the English Springer’s dark or liver-hued markings. The two varieties are appreciated for their hunting capacities and their brand name attribute of “springing” at the game. … The Welsh Springer is bigger than the English Cocker Spaniel.

Are Welsh Springer Spaniels rare?

The Welsh springer is a somewhat uncommon variety of spaniel. As indicated by the Welsh Springer Spaniel Club of America, somewhere around 300 doggies, or six for every state, are enlisted with the American Kennel Club every year.

Are Welsh Springer Spaniels smart?

The Welsh Springer is an extremely wise canine with a craving to satisfy its proprietors. He likewise has a fair of humor. They can once in a while show an obstinate streak, so be patient and start your preparation early.

Do Welsh springer spaniels bark a lot?

Welsh Springer Spaniels are astute and simple to prepare. They are appropriate to family conditions with small kids and furthermore make incredible allies for senior pet guardians. They have a medium inclination to bark and may test their voice occasionally.

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